In order to pro-actively respond to the call of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for the integrated cross-disciplinary proposal for ethnic research and indigenous studies, National Dong Hwa University’s Centre for International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA) have been collaborating with the MOST’s Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS). Over the years, the CIIA have been devoted to promoting international academic exchanges and collaboration on related issues of indigenous peoples.


Dr. Jolan Hsieh, the Director of the CIIA, has long stood strong for Indigenous research and exchange and has therefore established an information platform for indigenous peoples’ research. She believes this is essential in assisting with international academic cooperation.


This project presents relevant information on indigenous peoples’ research concerns such as how indigenous research responds to peoples’ needs, research ethnics, and the current COVID-19 epidemic. The CIIA have also invited MOST research teams in recent years to share in cross-disciplinary integrated projects with individuals. They have investigated the challenges faced in implementing these projects and considered the possibilities and feasible direction of international cooperation.


To provide more international perspectives and exchanges, this project also invited several international indigenous experts and scholars to participate in response to the theme of “Indigenous Peoples Interdisciplinary Integration Research”. They discussed how their personal research responded to indigenous peoples’ society and expanded international exchanges and research cooperation.

The CIIA will continue to expand the indigenous peoples research information website and strengthen our participation in international exchanges and dialogue platforms. We will achieve mutual benefit by resonating the energy and participation of experts and scholars in the field of indigenous people’s research. Through the implementation of this project, we look forward to link the existing achievements in the field both at home and abroad, and then accumulating our efforts to build knowledge systems of indigenous peoples for the society of indigenous peoples.